Thursday, August 27, 2009

Snobbson Scrillson

SNOB SCRILLA, (absolutely kills it)

Day one is snob scrilla 'aka hey hey Sean Ray's first and only full length album thus far, 'its not bad but' (says my father).

Day one is a 15 song complitation featuring mutherfuckin jumpin' tracks and a few bonus remix's which shalack the senses. Mr. officer in particular, remixed by Del. tha Funkee Homosapien, could be taken straight to your local dance mecca and ripped untampered with.

Only released this year, this year the year of 2009, Day one hits home from day dot, with the diversfiable electro sounds warping high and low to offer a plethora of vibrations for your hearing aids to process. 'UPBEAT' may be a miscalculation; mostly set at a ripping pace, snob scrilla is nevertheless slow when he needs to be, reeling back the intensity and allowing us to enjoy the softer side of our Hearbreak Scorsese, if only for a moment.

Lyrically, if he wasn't afraid of some form of south park retribution, his autobiography would feature a one page leaflet simply stating 'well, i'm a lyrical genius', but, it hasn't been published yet so i can not confirm. But in all seriousness, the lyrics are well written, relevant and delivered with spot on conviction and timing. (full credits to whoever was the brains behind this production).

What a fucking long review, im not finished yet either so reeeeel your attention span back in and lets talk about the storyline. Following the conventions of modern old school rap, SEAN HEY RAY tells the story of racism with less than little subtley, on both the international scale and on his domestic level. "timmy declares war" makes it almost laughable to misinterpret this album. hopefully no one with indeible street cred doesnt discover an undercurrent and disembowels me creatively forever.

Finally, Saw Snob Scrilla Spin Some Sounds Sometime shearlier shthis shyear at the Empire in Brisbane. Don't remember what he played, had a fucking class night but, chatted to him at the end and he had one of the most articulated dialogues i've come across.

hey hey sean ray, look out for his next installment and any live shows!

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