Sunday, May 31, 2009

RetroMetro Vintage Apparrel

Paddington, situated high above Brisbane is a beautifully orientated bohemian suburb with that distinct taste of old queenslanders and vintage clothing/furniture/accessories/attitudes.This terrible terrible stereotype is upheld brilliantly by retrometro on latrobe terrace.
The clothing is retro, the shop is modern, the annoying employees are absent, but the prices are planting the dollar sign on mt everest. Walking through the vast array of one-off pieces, it becomes clear immediately this is one of the best collaborations of vintage wear in Brisbane.

No doubt about it, its not second hand grandma trash found in cabinets aboard giant wooden galleys, this shit is good and fresh man. If I wasn't such a pleb and my bank balance further towards the black I would have strolled out with a backpack full of recycled fashion.

But....for me, half the fun with vintage clothing is the joy of walking into lifeline and finding that little gem that you pay with money found on the floor of your car. Nevertheless, for the serious vintage collector, RETROMETRO on Latrobe is a must visit and a must purchase in my books.paddington stirs up another beauty.


VETO - Danish Exploration

Danish indie rockers VETO may only be just hearing their swell sounds on public domains, but the band is reaping the rewards with their new not-so-silky new single "Built to Fail" being shoved out on radios all over.

The 5 piece have built sounds on bouncy melodies with pumping vocals, excellent for smashin your head around yet still being smooth enough to think 'hey, m83'. The high pitched-almost desperate vocals give it a punk electro feel which is refreshing but safe (not necessarily for making money)

They may not enjoy the tag retro - but thats what they're tagged as so live with it mannn

My honest opinion? Will never purchase, will not try hard to illegally download - hypem will be sufficient.

In their defence, the rest of the world appears to be giving them a big 'fuckyeah' so if they do become INFAMOUS i will be quietly deleting this post