Sunday, May 31, 2009

VETO - Danish Exploration

Danish indie rockers VETO may only be just hearing their swell sounds on public domains, but the band is reaping the rewards with their new not-so-silky new single "Built to Fail" being shoved out on radios all over.

The 5 piece have built sounds on bouncy melodies with pumping vocals, excellent for smashin your head around yet still being smooth enough to think 'hey, m83'. The high pitched-almost desperate vocals give it a punk electro feel which is refreshing but safe (not necessarily for making money)

They may not enjoy the tag retro - but thats what they're tagged as so live with it mannn

My honest opinion? Will never purchase, will not try hard to illegally download - hypem will be sufficient.

In their defence, the rest of the world appears to be giving them a big 'fuckyeah' so if they do become INFAMOUS i will be quietly deleting this post

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