Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Neon Holiday this friday at clubhouse (Tick)
Comic Sands this friday at clubhouse (uptoyou)
Lick it this friday at empire (Tick) - scratch if you like holy ghost! - but tick if you like youth and chicks with dicks! (metaphor)

Family time saturday!

Magnum P.I. Sunday!

Wowzers what a weekend guys!

BYO GOON - if it fits inside your fashion accessory

thats the message from nick simpson, one of the artists of three preparing to host their first art show as a team on december 4th. Displaying what i can only called ordered anarchy (for want of less of a cliche) the drawings are drawn from who knows what, i'm yet to find out. HOWEVER, find out for yourself next friday at the Forts 420 Gallery at around 7firtyish. Do it as a pre drink - Heaps and heaps of cheap liquified narcotics to satisfy the indulgences of you and your BEST PAL!


probabadly dont check this link its only going to make you want to go more